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Welcome to the PS 116 website. We hope that you enjoy our small excursion into nostalgia and our tribute to the wonderful Principal and Teachers who we were privileged to have at 116. You may notice that as you move your mouse across some of the pages you will encounter popup pictures and links to additional websites of interest.
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Back in the late 1940ís and into the 1950ís , PS 116 had a very disciplined principal named May M. OíHara. She was the governing authority of the school. Most of the students respected and feared having to enter her office. About 4 or 5 teachers were her personal friends. They were Miss Casey, Miss Sweeney, Miss Farrell, Miss Fyffe, and I think Miss OíMera. They just donít make teachers and principals like these anymore. They had total control of the students . There weren't any drug problems, any severe fights or injuries to students in PS 116. They will always be remembered for their outstanding commitment to the education and well-being to all the PS 116 students.

"Neda is everyone's sister, everyone's daughter, everyone's voice for freedom,"
Lost in the Fifties- Another Time, Another Place
Malala Yousafzai